We are a Community of Practice established by San Francisco Bay Area arts management consultants and coaches providing arts management services. Each consultant and coach is independent and can be contracted directly. Additionally, our Associates collaborate to address client needs, present training programs, conduct industry research, and facilitate convenings.

John Alecca : Consultant
Carrie Blanding : Management Consultant and Grant Writer
Nancy J. Gonchar : Consultant and Coach
Barry Hessenius : Consultant, Coach, Facilitator, Blogger
Nancy Hytone Leb : Hytone Arts Management
Sabrina Klein : Creative Education Consulting
Amy Kweskin : Artsightful
Belinda Taylor : Marketing, Communications and Branding
Yesenia Sanchez : Soleil Coaching & Consulting
Margaret Southerland : Principal, Padma Consulting
Mary Vradelis : Coach, Trainer, Interim Executive Director
Morrie Warshawski : Consultant
Alan Levinson : Financial Consultant to the Arts