C2Arts membership is through internal referral from current Associates (members). Our intention is to develop rapport and trust among Associates so that we can confidentially act as referrals and references to potential clients. We are continuously accepting applications for new members to join our Community of Practice. Please contact Amy Kweskin at amy@amykweskin.comconsultantsforthearts@gmail.com or 415.350.6479 if you have questions.

Application and Nominating Process of New C2Arts Associates

  1. Current C2Arts Associates (members) can recommend one person for membership every six months.
  2. To apply, candidate submits the following materials to Amy Kweskin at amy@amykweskin.comconsultantsforthearts@gmail.com or directly to a current Partner member of C2Arts:
    • resume
    • letter outlining the following: why she or he wants to be involved and how she or he represents the diverse Bay Area community based upon C2Arts membership requirements;
    • provide two written references. These can be submitted from C2Arts Associates, funders and/or an individual who is well respected for leadership in the nonprofit arts sector.
  3. Three C2Arts Associates must meet with the nominee (one can be nominator). This includes but is not limited to at least one face-to-face and two phone meetings. The purpose of these meetings is to develop rapport and to determine the intentions for the candidate’s pursuit of membership.
  4. The Leadership Circle reviews and votes to the candidate forward to the entire C2Arts Membership for vote. This decision is based on ability of Leadership Circle  to develop rapport with the candidate and if membership intentions are in alignment the Vision, Mission and Core Values of C2Arts.
  5. If the Membership Working Group forward the candidate for a membership vote, it will send a package containing the candidate’s application materials and resume. Members who did not participate in the interviewing are invited to reach out to interviewers for insights into the candidate’s intentions for membership.
  6. Voting on C2Arts membership candidates will take place either via confidential Google Form or at regularly scheduled C2Arts meeting.

C2Arts Membership Requirements

  • Individuals who are self-employed as consultants, not firms (Note: Associates may have a consulting firm or be part of a consulting firm; however the C2Arts membership is for the individual and not the firm.
  • Practicing consultant or coach with at least ten years of experience in the nonprofit arts sector in any combination of philanthropy, consulting, coaching and/or senior management. The field experience might include having served in the following capacities:
    • as a foundation program officer making grants to nonprofit arts organizations or individual artists;
    • as an Executive Director, Interim Executive Director, Senior Arts Administrator, or Development Director or Program Manager of a nonprofit arts organization;
    • having consulted to the sector with clients participating, serving, or strengthening the arts sector such as nonprofits, foundations, municipalities, schools/colleges/universities, and membership organizations.
  • Contribute, in some way, to the diverse community of the Greater Bay Area and C2Arts: ethnically, geographically, and professionally (skills and experience.)
  • Reside in the Greater Bay Area, with exception of Founding Members who have relocated but continue to provide services in the Bay Area.
  • Greater Bay Area is considered to consist of the nine counties which have coastline along the San Francisco Bay and several, smaller bays closer to the Sacramento River delta. “(Source: Wikipedia referencing Association of Bay Area Governments.) These counties include Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, and Sonoma.

Benefits of Membership

  • Individual listing page on C2Arts website
  • Title of C2Arts Associate (member)
  • Access to Community of Practice members to obtain referrals, references and share insights into the field
  • Invitation to participate in annual programming to promote C2Arts Associates’ services
  • Associates who attend quarterly meetings are designed Leadership Circle members on their individual page
  • Co-Marketing opportunities
  • Note: Membership is a statement of affiliation but does not imply a contractual or financial relationship with C2Arts
  • Currently there is no financial commitment required from members, however a $20 annual membership fee has been implemented in the past and could be reinstated if membership votes to adopt

C2Arts Membership Designations

  • Up to 21 Associate positions
  • Up to 2 Emerging Associate positions open for consultant/coach emerging leaders
  • Emeritus Associates are designations for members who are retired from their coaching and consulting practices
  • Founding Members are Associates who co-founded C2Arts in 2009
  • Leadership Circle are Associates who attend quarterly meetings

Obligations of C2Arts Leadership Circle Associates

  • Attend 3 of 4 annual meetings of meetings either in person, via Skype or Google Hangout, or by phone. It is expected that C2Arts will hold four meetings annually. Meetings will be held in San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley, alternating between the two locations. Preference is for the members to attend in person. Members who attend these meetings will be in the Leadership Circle.
  • Participate in C2Arts events. Such events might include conferences, workshops, speed consulting opportunities, and events where C2Arts has been invited to send participants or even underwrite the event.

Obligations of All Associates

  1. Represent C2Arts in the Greater Bay Area community. This includes keeping their personal page on C2Arts updated; referencing C2Arts membership in one’s own website or marketing material; referring artists and nonprofit arts organizations to C2Arts when they are looking for consultants and coaches; and serving on a panel or participating in an event in the name of C2Arts when invited to do so by the Events Working Group.
  2. Non-Discrimination Practice: All C2Arts members must be willing to treat all clients and prospects consistently, fairly and equally without regard to race, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, color, physical disability, or national origin of the individual or entity’s management or staff.
  3. Confidentiality: All C2Arts members will maintain confidentiality regarding any non-public information provided to them by their clients and when communicating amongst the Community of Practice.
  4. Be ethical about their consulting and/or coaching practices.
  5. Performance Standards: All C2Arts members will determine the method, details, and means of performing her or his consulting and coaching services; however all such services shall be performed to a level not less than and consistent with the industry standard as an independent consultant or coach.
    Such consulting and coaching work will always reflect the C2Arts member’s best professional judgment, based on information available to her or him at the time services are performed.
  6. Adhere to and promote the Vision, Mission, and Core Values of C2Arts.
  7. Be capable of serving the diverse community of the Bay Area.
  8. Referral of Business: All members pledge to refer all arts-related consulting and contracting business that he or she is not interested in pursuing, or are outside of his or her skill set, to other C2Arts members when appropriate. Before declining a consulting assignment, the preference is for the member to email C2Arts and describe the project and list a point of contact. Declinations might have occurred due to scheduling issues, compensation, project length, or skill set.